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Post 2 of Into Thin Air

10 Loaded Words
1."bed-wetting liberals"
- This phrase is loaded because it gives off a strong emotional feeling. Many people could find this very offensive and myself as a reader thinks that that it gives a negative charge.
- These words were found on page 43 and Krakauer uses these words to describe the political opinions of Limbaughesque on minimum wage.

2. "amputated"
- This word is loaded because it gives off a very strong negative emotional effect to the reader.
- This word is also found on page 43 and Krakauer uses it to describe what happend to Mike Groom in 1987 when he was climbing a different mountain and his toes were so frostbitten that they had to be amputated.

- This word is loaded anything to do with death is usually highly emotional. When a reader thinks of death it usually has a negative effect on them because death is a sad thing.
- This word is found on page 49 and Krakauer uses it when he tells us that 2 of every 500 trekkers who passed through Periche die of altitude sickness.

4. "human feces"
- These words are loaded because they are very emotional. When a reader thinks of human feces it has a strong negative effect on them because they are usually grossed out at the thought of it.
- This word is found on page 52 and describes the filthy village they had to stay in before going to base camp and the what the villagers were forced to do with only four overflowing stone toilets in the entire village.

5. "blood"
- this word is loaded something like blood is emotional. It usually gives an negative effect on the reader because it grosses them out or reminds of them of pain or death.
- This word is found on page 54 and Krakauer uses it to describe a incident that occured on Mount Everest when an inexperienced climber slipped and fell head over heels leaving a trail of blood behind him.

6. "cannabis"
-This word is loaded because cannabis a very emotional word because illegal drugs are highly controversial and cause alot of trouble often among high schoolers. It usually gives an negative effect to the reder because it is illegal.
- This word is found on page 64 and Krakauer uses it when he is describing Scott Fischer who smoked alot of cannabis.

7. "vomiting"
- This word is loaded because it is emotional. When a reader thinks of vomiting they probably think of the last awful experience in which they had to encounter it themselves.
- This word is found on page 82 and Krakauer uses it to describe what he did when he was very sick from altitude sickness.

8. "money"
- This is a loaded word because it is emotional. When a reader hears the word money they probably think of how nice it would be to have alot of it. Therefore, it usually has a positive effect on the reader.
- This word is found on page 84 and Krakauer uses it to describe how he made more money writing at home than he did writing about climbing mountains.

9. "poverty-stricken"
-This is a loaded words because it is emotional. When a reader hears it they tend to feel sad. When I hear the words poverty-stricken I think of homeless people which saddens.
-This word is found on page 89 and Krakauer uses it to describe Earl Denman who very unsuccessfully attemted to climb Mount Everest in 1947.

10. "blood-chilling"
-This word is loaded because it is very emotinal. When reder thinks of omething that is "blood-chilling" they usually think of something that is terrifying. It therefore, has a negative effect on the reader.
- This word is found on page 99 and Krakauer uses it describe Ken Owen's experience of Altitude sickness at Periche.

Short Summary of Section

This section of the book is mostly about the early part of Krakauer's journey to the summit. When his expedition arrives in Nepal they begin their journey to base camp. One there first stops is in a village it is so filthy and disgusting that smell of human feces is permanent no matter where you go. When they get to base camp Rob Hall wants them to get used to the altitude so each day he would take them higher up the mountain and then back to base camp. Tenzing goes ahead of the expedition and then calls Rob Hall saying that he is having trouble walking , breathing and is coughing up blood. Hall knows this altitude sickness so he sends a doctor up there to help him. Tenzing denies having Altitude sickness at all because he is afraid that it will ruin his reputation as a guide. They are finally able to get Tenzing down the mountain and to a hospital with the help of 39 Sherpas. Krakauer goes on to describe Scott Fischer a very good climber and man with good looks and personality made him friends immediatly. He was competing with Rob Hall for guiding clients up the mountain.

Reactions To The Section

My one main reaction in this section is about Tenzing. Tenzing, a guide in one of the Everest expeditions goes ahead of his group. Later on he radios Hall to tell himthat he is coughing up blood, is not breathing well and is having trouble walking. Hall knows right away that he is suffering from Altitude sickness so he sends a docter to help him and take him down the mountain. When the doctor gets there Tenzing refuses the oxygen and very reluctantly is taken down the mountain stating that he doesn't have Altitude sickness at all because he is so afraid that will ruin his reputaition as a good guide. This shows me that he cares so much about his reputation and providing for his family that he doesn't reall care about saving his own life. This shows me that he is very brave and although refusing help was stupid, it showed great strength.

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Summary of Section 1 of Into Thin Air

The book begins in the middle of the chapter with Krakauer at the summit of Everest. He doesn't notice it to be that great because he is so tired. He sees a few unthreatening clouds in the distance. He then begins his descent with his oxygen tank runnig low. Harris, a member of his climbing group catches up to him. Krakauer asks him to turn his oxygen off so he would have enough for him to descend to base camp. Harris is so mentally impaired that he turns the oxygen all the way up. Krakauer feels suprisingly good for about 10 minutes and then he suddenly feels awful. He then realizes tha Harris turned up his oxygen. He would have to descend fast. He tries to descend as quickly as possible but is stopped by a group of cheering climbers from another expedition. He is frustrated and pushes through them cussing and fussing as he lost more and more oxygen. He finally reaches base camp.

The next chapter switches over to the History of Everest. In 1852, in India , the surveyor general calculated that Everest was the highest mountain in the world. The legend of Everest is born. The book then describes the numerous attempts to climb Everest and that each time was a failure. Then, in 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander and Tenzing, a native reached the summit. It then switches over to how much loved to climb and about Outside Magazine giving him an offer to climb it which he couldn't refuse.

The next chapter talks about Rob Hall, Andy Harris and the commercializatin of the mountain. Rob Hall and Andy Harris who had both previously climbed the mountain were offering regular people the chance to reach the summit for $65,000 a head. When Sir Edmund Hillary publically humiliates Hall for saying that what they were doing to Everest was wrong he was really hurt. Shortly after, Andy Harris, Hall's best friend died in his arms on one of the expeditions. But Hall kept going.


My main reaction in this section is about something that happened at about the first page of the book. When Krakauer describes not feelong particularily special when he was on top of the world. I understand that he is in pain (with two separated ribs from coughing so much) but I would be so happy not just that I did one of hardest thing in the world but happy with relief. I would normally expect reaching the top of the worlds tallest mountain as one of the greatest feeling in the world but the way Krakauer describes it. It doesn't seem that great at all. It kind of ruined my interpretation of what reaching the summit of Everest would be like.

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1. A link to the essay

2. Author

3. Title
Stress Yields a Sweeter Life

4. One sentence of what the belief is

I believe that an atmosphere of stress and chaos — within reason — brings out my best qualities.

5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief
Any right-minded consultant would have advised against the exhausting, under-capitalized and dysfunctional venture my garden expanded into. But the work brought rewards.

I believe in managed stress. It sweetens the tomatoes. I like to think it sweetens me, too.

6. 1 favorite passage
I don't know who suffered most early on, me or my tomatoes. The stress was tough on both of us: tomatoes ripening faster than I could pick them, tomatoes exploding beneath the ruthless sun.

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One goal for myself in my softmore year... is to meet new friends. With kids from Valley View being in my environment I want to get to know and be friends with some of them. The Valley View kids seem really nice so far and I know that some them can make great friends. I also want to meet my friends from elementary school who decided to go to Valley View four years ago.
The thing I am most anxious about Edina High School is... finishing the amount of school work that I will be getting. I have heard from all my teachers that this is going to be much harder year academically than any other year. This really makes me anxious because I don't know if I will have enough time to finish my work. I have soccer after school every day of the week for about 3 hours. This takes up a huge chunk of time I could be using doing homework. I know I shouldn't be anxious because tons of kids who do after school activities like me do great. Hopefully, It will all work out.

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Hi! My name is Sean