Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Section 1 Posts A and B

Post A
. rosette (pg. 31)-a rose-shaped arrangement of ribbon or other material, used as an ornament or badge.
adjudge (pg.40)-to declare or pronounce formally; decree.

."I was about average size and weight, but some of the kids in the Everton Under-10's were much bigger than me" (pg.39) This is signifigant quote because because Wayne Rooney had to deal with people much bigger than him his whole life. He was only 16 when he scored a goal in the most difficult soccer league in the world, playing against big and tough defemder when he was a literally a kid.

. I think that one emerging theme in the book is if you work hard and make the right decisions, you can be the best.

Post B
The first section basically describe Wayne Rooney's childhood, his family and his early intrest and excellence in soccer. One of the things I really found inspiring
occured on page 52: "Sadly, some of the kids I knocked around with on the estate became addicts. There's one or two I see now, when I go back- they're still on drugs and look terrible. It was partly wanting to be fit for football, that was one reason I never got involved, and also because I was scared my mumwould find out. She would have battered me, although more likely my dad and uncles." (52). Wayne Rooney is one of those role models who keep you off things like drugs and alcohol because you know that if you work hard and stay off those things you may, someday, be as successful as Wayne Rooney.

I can really connect to Wayne Rooney when he talks about his childhood in England because I was a kid living in England. Things like the English culture and lifestyle of a child is something I am really familiar with and makes this section a very joyful and nostalgic read. In England, when your a kid, the thing to do was buy lots of candy (they call them sweets across the pond)when you got your allowance and hord them for later. When Wayne Rooney recalled these evenings of getting sweets, it brought back delightful memories of myself going to the post office down the road and buying all sorts of chocolate and candy. It great experience reacalling those old memories. It is so difficult nowadays with my busy lifestyle to sit back and think of those precious memories but it is great when I do.

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