Monday, November 26, 2007

Section 2 Post B

This is a section that really relates to me. It relates to me because it is mainly about Wayne Rooney's early teenage years. In this section he talks about things like young love, his soccer success and just normal things that he would do as a teenager. One of the things I found interesting was that he would things just like me when he was my age. He would do simple stuff like going to movies with friends, play alot of soccer and watch alot of TV. This section also shows that he is not perfect and does make bad decisions. I found this out on page 61: "During that difficult year, I seemed to develop a terrible temper and found myself getting into lots of fights on the pitch. If I made a mistake, I would throw myself into a tackle and commit a foul, or if some bigger older lad on the other team was trying to rough me up, I'd react and punch him one."(61). This ,to me, shows the bad side of Wayne Rooney who has been known in his later years to react violently to things that occured on the pitch. This happens to me sometimes too. When I'm playing soccer and I miss a tackle or make a mistake I get angry at myself and also at the opposing team. So I would be a little to rough for the referee's liking and would get a card. I remember watching one game Wayne Rooney played a few years ago where he got into a fight with his own teamate in the middle of a game. For me, that is a little to outrageous but it is understandable. Sometimes I get really frustrated with my teamates and yell at them in the middle of the game.

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