Sunday, December 23, 2007

Outside Reading Section 5 Post B

In this section Wayne Rooney talks about his metatarsal injury right before the World Cup, his first trophy and his World Cup dreams might coming true. It was amazing to me that the Carling Cup (not a very top class professional trophy)was his first ever serious trophy and that he was delighted with himself about it. The most important part of this section is where you learn about his metatarsal he got in a game against Chelsea right before the World Cup. "It was in Whalley Range Hospital,back in Manchester after the Chelsea game, that it was officially confirmed my metatarsal had gone."(223)He thought he was out of the World Cup for sue but amazingly after being given a "gel boot" to make it heal faster he found that he would be able to play in the World Cup after a scan on his foot. "Eventually, I got called back, and I was told that my foot had fully healed. It was absolutely brilliant news. I could now start full training."(246)The last chapter is basically about him being in a German hotel preparing for the World Cup and being delighted to be with his England teammates. He is so happy because he knows that he will be able to play in the World Cup. Only a few weeks ago he couldn't have dreamed it was possible but his foot healed and he couldn't wait to play in his first World Cup match. This for me, was the best section so far because it had such happy ending.

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