Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Section 3 of Outside Reading: Post B

In this section Wayne Rooney gets asked to play for the sensational England national team at the age of just 17 years old. Making the youngest person to play for England ever. On the day where he got to meet he is nervous and very exited about meeting his soccer legend teammates. "But it was weird seeing all the famous players like Becks, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Frank Lampard and Sol Campell - people whose faces I knew so well, who were so familiar to me, yet I'd never seen before."(pg.111)". This quote sticks out for me because I watch these players just like Wayne Rooney did and to hear Wayne Rooney, a great soccer player, talk about how in awe he was of these players is inspiring. I think this is inspiring because it shows that Wayne Rooney is a regular guy just like me and that if I work hard I might be able to see these players too. This is the part of the section I really liked. He talks about the joys of playing soccer like meeting the heroes of your youth and plating alongside them. The rest of the section is about things that are bad about soccer. Thing like greed, corruption and hatred. Almost all of these things are about the money in soccer. It pleased me when Wayne Rooney said that he is not one of those people who really cares about money or clothes or contract deals with NIKE. It is nice to know that the things he most cares about are the basic things like family, friends and having fun playing soccer.

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