Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Section 4 Post B

In this section Wayne Rooney talks about things like his thirty million pound deal with Manchester United, his relationship with his teammates and coaches, personal life, his gambling problem and his average day as a superstar.

One of my favorite parts of the section is the part when he talks about his personal life. He talks about himself as a regular person and not some kind of superhero. I learned that Wayne Rooney is not a big tough guy like he is potrayed and is actually scared of the dark and is very lonely at times. You also learn that he comes from a very humble family. His mother, for example, still works as a lunch lady because she refuses to live off her son. "Despite having moved into their new house , my mum still enjoys her work at my old school as a dinner lady and earns 287 pounds a month, insisting that she doesn't live off her son." (pg. 174). I think this very respectable and it shows that Wayne Rooney comes from a good family backround.

One of the sad parts in this section is that you learn how viscious the paparazzi has been to Wayne Rooney and his fiancee Colleen."On that trip, one paper bribed a young man to follow Colleen down the street and at a certain moment, run up and kiss her. It was a total set-up, just to make it look as if she was going out with some lad."(pg. 175)This is just awful. It makes you feel very bad for the Rooney family because they don't have alot of privacy at all.

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