Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Section 6 Post A and Post B

Section 6 Post A

. obscene(261)- offensive to morality or decency; indecent; depraved: obscene language.

. deliberations(270)-Discussion and consideration of all sides of an issue: the deliberations of a jury.

One emerging theme I found in this final section was that you shouldn't do stupid things. Wayne Rooney blew his World Cup dreams good bye by doing something very stupid (getting sent off for purposely injuring another player) and it has changed his life.

Section 6 Post B
In this final section Rooney talks about probably the darkest chapter of his life. In what would turn out to be England's last game of the World Cup Rooney seemed to intentionally stamp on the groin of a Portuguese player in the dieing minutes of the second half. In the book, Rooney keeps on saying in this section that the whole ting was accidental. "It turned out to be Ricardo Carvalho of Chelsea. And I was aware my foot had landed between his legs, which of coarse is about the nastiest place to get hurt, but it was an accident."(270). I have seen the clip of the foul many times and to me it obviously was not an accident. Rooney clearly stamped on his groin on purpose and his angry face while he was doing it makes me even more convinced. I just feel that this is a bad way to end the book with dishonesty. I would have respected him much more if he just owned up to it. It also suprised me that he would do something so stupid in such a big game with billions of people including children watching this game from all over the world. It didn't make feel so good about the sport of soccer when I watched last summer and I am sure it had the same effect on millions of other children too.

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