Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top Ten things about the Autobiography "Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far

1. The amazing talent of Wayne Rooney
In this book he describes how talented he is. Like when he scored a goal in the toughest soccer league in the world. He also described how he scored 14 goals in one game when he was a kid. He was also the youngest player to play for the England national team at just 18 years old. These are among the many things that describe Wayne Rooney's talent in the book. For me these parts are the most interesting in the book.

2. Wayne Rooney's modesty
Wayne Rooney is a very modest guy. In the book he keeps going on about how amazed he was to be a professional soccer player. He truly felt that he wasn't good enough to play professionally and he turned out to be one of the best players in the world. Whenever he scores a goal he doesn't claim it himself but gives the credit to his team.

3. Wayne Rooney's Generosity
Wayne Rooney has given millions of pounds to all sorts of charities. He spends alot of time outside of soccer helping at food shelfs, children's hospitals, and other charitable places. He says in the book that money goes to way better use to help the poor and sick of the world than buying expensive cars and designer clothes.

4. Wayne Rooney's hard work
Wayne Rooney is an extremely hard worker. He trains very hard every day and that is why he is so good. He makes it clear in the book that nobody can make it to the Premiership with just natural talent, you need to work very hard.

5.Wayne Rooney's family
Wayne Rooney comes from a very respectable. When he became wealthy from playing soccer his parents refused to accept any money he offered them and they still live in the same house and have the same jobs as they always. They refuse to do nothing and live off their son and support themselves which I think is very respectable.

6. Wayne Rooney's team
Wayne Rooney plays for Manchester United which is one of the best teams in the world and is supported by millions of fans. His team plays with him so well and he describes a lot of the players in his autobiography very well.

7. Wayne Rooney's anger
Sometimes when Wayne Rooney is on the field his anger gets the better of him and he lashes out and it usually ends up in a red card. He describes in detail his anger problems in detail in the book and they are all very entertaining.

8. How normal Wayne Rooney is
Wayne Rooney is a regular guy. He doesn't have an fancy life outside of soccer like many other players but usually just stays home and watches television with his fiancee or mows the lawn of his house.

9. Wayne Rooney's goals
Wayne Rooney has scored some incredible goals. In the autobiography he describes each of his better goals and how it felt to score each of these goals. Reading how he felt
when scoring these goals was very inspiring.

10. Wayne Rooney's coach
Sir Alex Ferguson is a very influential person in Wayne Rooney's life. He basically controls everything he does that involves soccer. Since Wayne Rooney is still very young (just 21)Alex Ferguson keeps an eye on Wayne Rooney to protect him from people who would hurt his soccer career.

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