Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Outside Reading: Final

Post 1: Summarize your final part of the book.

At the beginning of chapter 20, the climbers make there way down to camp 2 where the conditions are much warmer and bearable to the climbers as on higher up on the mountain. They organize a helicopter to pick up Makalu Gau and Beck Weathers which is very difficult because the icefall is very dangerous for helicopters. The helicopters ends up picking up both of them safely though. Krakauer begins to feel very sad towards the end of the chapter when he truly begins to realize all the friends he had lost up on the mountain. At the beginning of chapter 21, the climbers descend to base camp wher climbers with the worst injuries are taken to hospital by helicopter. Hours later, the group travels to Namche Bazaar where they get a flight on an old airplane to Kathmando where many Japonese climbers ask them about the death of Yasuko Namba which was big news in Japan. Some of the questions Krakauer couldn't answer because he was too emotional. Doug Hanson's family meet Krakauer at the airport and Krakauer gives them Hanson's belonging's and is to emotional to say anytrhing to them at all. Krakuer blames the disaster moslty on the arrogance of inexperienced climbers whose mistakes on the mountain would end up fatal. Krakauer ends the chapter and the book by describing other disasterous expeditions where climbers suffered from mostly alltitude sickness or by being caught in a storm and died.

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