Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside Assignment: Post 3

Post 3

Refer to your notes on camera technique, camera angles, and camera movement. What scenes, in particular, do you remember where the film technique underscored meaning and added to the message the director was sending? Describe the shot, its significance, and its meaning in detail.

There are numerous scenes in the movie that use camera angles and technique to underscore meaning and send messages for the movie. During the opening scene they use a particularly long pedestal shot of the beach where Ramon was hurt to show that this is a place of high importance. Many times during the book they use a tilt at a downward angle when people are talking to Ramon to make him seem weak and small in specific scenes. In another important scene, where they show Ramon jumping into the water, they use a dramatic oblique camera angle shown from the top to show that this scene is different and it is a scene. When normal people are talking to each other the director usually uses medium shots but when people are talking to Ramon they use close-ups. This is probably because Ramon is usually lying down so they just show his face and there are people who are talking to him are very close to him. They use a lot of long establishing shots to establish setting like Ramon's house or other locations.

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