Thursday, October 18, 2007

Outside Reading :Week 5: Post 2

Post #2: Summarize part 5 of your outside reading memoir book. Also, write a personal reaction to the reading of part 5 that is 200 words or more.

The beginning of section 5 of Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer innvolves the day after the horrible storm. Krakauer asks numerous climbers about who they might think are dead or missing. When he talks to Steve Adams he finds out that the guy he thought was Andy Harris last night was actually Steve Adams. This horrifies Krakauer because he had already contacted Harris' girlfriend saying Harris was fine and also that Harris was his good friend and is probably dead. Krakauer then goes onto describe the story of Rob Hall and Scott Fischer who were stuck on the mountain the night before. They are both stuck in the mountain in the storm without oxygen and are to exhausted to move. There are two search parties sent out to look for them but they are unsuccessful. They both end up dead. Krakauer then goes onto describe the story of two Japonese climbers and two Indian climbers. The Indian climbers were stuck near the summit without oxygen and to exhausted to move in the storm when two Japonese climbers walked right past them not helping them in any way in order to reach the summit. Krakauer then moves forward to the day after the storm again. Realising that most of his fellow group members were dead he goes searching for bodies with a group. Amazingly, they find two climbers that are still alive but are in critical condition, Beck Weatthers and Namba. Hutchtinson, a member of Krakauer's group decides that they are in an unfit state to descend and to leave them there and send help up there later. That night though something amazing happens. Beck Weathers thought to be dead by then, summoned the energy to descend to camp four in the middle of another terrible storm. Krakauer,in awe, and other group members give him lots of coffee and blankets. There is a storm that night far worse than the one on the night of the disaster that rips Weathers' tent to shreads. Miracoulously, she is still alive in the morning (the storm was so loud that nobody could hear him screaming.

The two things I really reacted to in this section were the Japonese climbers ingnoring the Indian climbes and when Beck Weathers summoned energy to descend to camp 4. When the Japonese climbers left Indian climbers while they concentrated on climbing the mountain, I really thought that was the saddest part of the book. It shows that people can be so selfish and evil at times. All those climbers cared about was reaching the summit, if they had any bit of goodness in them at all they would have those other climbers. It really angers me when people do things like that because I can't stand selfish people.

The other thing I rally reacted to was when Beck Weathers returned to camp 4 against all odds. It showed me that Weathers was a person of great mental and physical strength and I really respect those qualities. Also the shear amazingness of it all . Most of the climbers thought that she was going to die in a few hours they didn't even consider Weathers moving at all let alone walk all the way down to camp 4. I love stories like these because they are real and show you that physical and mental strength can you through some pretty tough situations.


Birgen said...
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Birgen said...

Alrighty... Your blog is well organized and you have obviously been putting an effort into your posts. good job with all of that. The first blog that i had to comment on only had two posts when there should be about nine...? Theres a good amount of detail in your posts and i can see that you analyzed the story well. i can't say that i have any advice on how to improve your blog. you seem to know what you are doing. Just keep up the good work!

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